NEWS 2006

- 19th Adriano de Souza on Pukas Surfboards
- 19th Patrick Beven wins the Costao do Santinho-Floripa 2006
- 09th Rob Machado Wins 4 Star Monster Energy Pipeline Pro
- 02nd Roxy Pro 5 Star WQS - Happy Gilmore Wins Again!
- 27th Greg Emslie Ties the Knot!
- 17th Richie Lovett Undergoing Cancer Treatment
- 09th Melanie Bartles Wins 4 Star WQS Gallaz Surf Jam, Caroline Sarran got 3th
- 07th Go Big!” “Live Large!” “The Dream Tour!
- 05th Kekoa Bakalso wins the all polinesian finalat the World Junior Championship

NEWS 2005

- 23th Billabong Junior Championships
- 17th Andy Irons wins the Rip Curl Pro Pipeline Masters
- 06th Georgeson wins ASP World title, the Triple Crown and the Billbong Pro Maui
- 06th West Australian Jake Patterson wins the O´neil World Cup at Sunset Beach
- 03th Malik Joyeux from Tahiti dies at Banzai Pipeline
- 30th Melanie Redman Carr wins at Sunset
- 18th Op Pro Hands Sullivan his FIrst Vans Triple Crown Event Win
- 18th Chelsea Georgeson wins tjhe Roxi Pro Hawaii to take world rating lead
- 10th Pipe Masters $270,000 final ASP/WCT event of 2005
- 09th Slater wins his 7th World Title at the Nova Schin Festival in Florianapolis, Brasil
- 09th Nova Schin Festival
- 21th Patrick Beven steals EPSA Tilte and Miky Picon reaches symbolic 9000 pts on the WQS.
- 16th Kyle Garson wins the tames the Spanish left to take the first place
- 10th Excellent waves at the WQS 2* La Caja de Canarias O&E Pro, Perfect Confital
- Andy Irons wins the Quiksilver Pro France
- 21th La Caja de Canarias 8th O'Neill WQS Trophy Surf International Championship
- 21th Ausie Jarrad Howse wins the Rip Curl Pro Santander
- 21th Reinolds and Picon receive the Wildcards for the Quik Pro France
- 18th Tahitian Michel Bourez wins the Rip Curl Pro at Liencres
- 11th Ferrolterra Pantin Classic finished with good conditions
- 9th Brazil´s Jaqueline Silva wins Hello Kitty Boardfest in Near Perfect waves at Huntington
- 5th One of the most Dynamic finals on ASP History
- 4th Portuguese Tiago Pires wins the Buondi Billabong Pro
- Protest Gathering on Saturday 27th of August in Mundaka more info
- August Represents the Toughest Slog , by Wayne Bartholomew.. ... . more info
- Brasilian Adriano de Souza wins the Super Series at Hossegor .. more info
· 30th Billabong Pro Mundaka cancelled until 2005
· 19th Les Bourdaines choosen as Home Base for first ever Super Series
· 17th August Represents the Toughest Slog
· 12th Hawaian OLA ELEOGRAM was crowned as the Oakley Pro Junior Champion
· 7th South African Antonio Bortoletto wins a South African Final at Newquay
· 7th Wiggolly Dantas is the new King of Groms at Capbreton
· 5th Live Webcasts From The 11th O'Neill Pro In Anglet
· 3th Capbreton receives the Juniors for the King Of Groms
· 3th Rip curl Boardmasters started at Newquay England
· 2nd kanna Miss Cup will start on august 24
· 24 Joan Duru from Reunion Island wins the IslandStyle Pro Junior at Tapia
· 22th Kelly Slater wins the Billabong Pro JBay on the last seconds of the final
· 17th German Marlon Lipke wins the WQS 3 star Superbock Amado Pro at Portugal
· 16th Surfer suspended due to positive drug test
· 14th Billabong Pro Mundaka Off for the 2005
· 11th Bruce Irons wins the 6* Mr Price Pro at Durban, South Africa
· 1st Australia's Mick Fanning has won the first ever Rip Curl Search WCT
· 20 Island Style Tapia Pro Junior
· 20 th Adriano de Souza wins the Billabong Costa do Sauipe WQS
· 13th South Africa's Daniel Redman Wins 5th O'Neill Deep Blue Open
· 7th Chelsea Georgeson wins the Rip Curl Venus Festival and closes rating gap


· 31th Kelly Slater wins Globe WCT Fiji
- NEW SCHEDULE: Biarritz Surf festibal has cancelled the WLT. Junior calendar has 2 cancelled evenct. check the schedule
· 29th Maldives ready to host WQS showdown of the year
· First women pro junior in Europe organized by Billabong, the winners will represent Europe at the Billabong World Junior Champs in Australia 2006
· 18th Slater re-writes a record boock with 2 perfects tens to win Billabong Pro Tahiti
· 12th Rip Curl Boardmasters 2005 approaches with major additions
· 10th Chelsea Georgeson wins the Billabong Pro at Teahupoo.
· 3th ASP International announces addition of Japanese Branch


· 28th Billabong Pro Wildcards Decided As Major Swell Approaches
· 24th Eric Rebiere wins 2005 Vendee Surf Pro
· 16th Brasilian Tanio Barreto wins the Rip Curl Pro at Peniche, Portugal and leads the EPSA rating
· 16th Brasilian Tanio Barreto wins the Rip Curl Pro at Peniche, Portugal and leads the EPSA rating
· 10th Fanning makes surfing history at Energy Australia Open in Newcastle
· 8th Fifth Annual Roxy Pro Fiji Fast Approaching
· 4th Le Vendée Surf Pro WQS****, une épreuve déterminante
· 1st NIAS, Indonesia-The Aftershock Aftermath and How You Can Help!


· 31th Unestopable Trent Munro wins the Rip Curl Pro
· 29th Aritz Aramburu winner at Goanna Pro Tapia
· 13th - T & C Surf Women's Pipeline Championship Finalized
· 8th - Local Mick Fanning wins Quiksilver Pro presented by Boost Mobile
· 2nd - Goanna Pro Tapia 2005 (spanish)


· 20th - Bobby Martinez wins at Fernando de Noronha with excellent barrels
· 15th - Mark Occilupo Anounces retirement from ASP World Tour
· 14th - Hang Loose Fernando de Noronha
· 14th - Mitchell Coleborn Wins Billabong Pro-Teen Series Burleigh Heads

· 6th - Position Vacant - International Media Officer

· 3rd - Monsters Energy Pro returns at Pipeline

· 3rd - Quiksilver Pro presented by Boost Mobile

· 1st - Mick Fanning returns to competitive surfing in Quiksilver Pro

· 1st - ASP International has a new CO



· 15th - EPSA aproved Submissions for 2005

· 13th - 2005 Womens World Championship Tour (WCT) solidified

· 13th - Ben Dunn shows true champion qualities to win the Globe Jetty Surf Pro in  one of surfings memorable battles!

· 8th - Brazilian Pablo Paulino is the new world Champ Junior



· 25th - Brazilian Whiz-kid De Souza to Defend Billabong World Junior Championship Title

· 20th - Final WCT Ratings 2005

· 19th - Wildcard jamie O´Brien wins all Hawaian Final at the Rip Curl pro Pipe Masters

· 15th - Kauai's Bruce Irons Rides Largest Waves of His Life for Historic Quiksilver Eddie Win

· 13th - Chelsea Georgeson Wins Billabong Pro Maui And Vans Triple Crown

· 5th - New European Provisional Schedule 2005

· 1st - Hawaian Andi Irons wins the Oneill World cup Of Surfingat Sunset



· 22th - Sofia Mulanovich is World Champion & Queen of Surfing

· 22th - Million Dollar Man GARCIA wins VANS HAWAIIAN PRO

· 9th - Taj Burrow won the Nova Schin Festival 2004

· 8th - Irons Clinches Third Consecutive World Title

· 7th - Xcell Pro Final

· 1st - Richard Lovett wins another title for Australia at the Onbongo Pro Surfing



· 23th - KIRK FLINTOFF spreads his wings and takes the first place of La Santa Surf Pro 04!

· 16th - The Oneill Trofeo at Tenerife is Cancelled. New european champion Justin Mujica

· 16th - Juke Egan wins the Billabong Pro Mundaka 2004

· 7th - La Caja Canarias Ocean & Earth Pro

· 5th - Billabong Pro Mundaka starts with good waves

· 3th - Andy Wins Historic Irons Brothers Final



· 28th - Marlon Lipke new European Junior Champion


· 14th - Boost Mobile Pro of Surf presented by Quiksilver

· 5th - Adelina Taylor and CJ Barron winner of the Ferrolterra Pantin Classic

· 2nd - Quiksilver Pro Japan started

· 1st - New ASP Rules



· 29th - Kana Miss Cup in Anglet

· 29th - South African Travis Logie winns the Rip Curl Pro Hossegor

· 22th - Bede Durbidge and Rebecca Woods winners of the Nolkia Lacanau Pro.

· 14th - Troy Broocks and JAcqueline Silva wins in Anglet

· 8th - O´neill Pro Anglet started with big conditions

· 4th - Australian Surf Industry trade magazine launches in Torquay

· 2nd - Taj Burrow wins the Us Open



· 22th - Congratulations Andy!! Winner Billabong Pro Jeffeys Bay 2004 .

· 19th - Good waves on the last day of the NOKIA Biarritz Surf Festival. Joel Tudor is the new Longboard world Champion.

· 19th - Justin Mújica WQS 1 star Superbock Amado Pro

· 11th - Andy Irons wins Mr Price Pro

· 10th - Serena Brooke makes it two in a row at the Mr Price Pro

· 9th - Surfing World Focused On J-Bay

· 7th - Liencres Rip Curl Pro Junior

· 3rd - German Marlon Lipke wins on Reunion Island



· 12th - Toby Martin Secures the O'Neill Deep Blue Open Crown

· 7th - Aritz Aramburu wins the Billabong Pro Sopelana

· 3rd - Damien Hobgood Defeats Irons For Incredible Victory at Fiji

· 3rd - O'Neill Deep Blue Open 2004 To Host Epic Field



· 25th - Peruvian Sofia Mulanovich Wins Third Consecutive Final

· 25th - Mr Price Pro returns to Durban

· 25th -Kelly Slater Invitational - 'Let's See It!'- Kicks Off With Incredible Surfing

· 20th - Slater Primed for big performance in Quiksilver Pro

· 18th - Festival Atmosphere Set to Rock Roxy Pro, France.

· 15th - JeremY Flores wins the Billabong Pro Junior Hossegor

· 14th - Billabong Pro Junior Hossegor starts in good conditions

· 14th - Billabong Pro Junior Hossegor

· 11th - Sofía Mulanovich wins the Billabong Pro Teahupoo

· 11th - Billabong Pro Junior Hossegor, France 14-16/05/2004 ASP

· 1st - Ruben Gonzalez champion at home in the Buondi Oneill Caparica Pro



· 25th -Tim Boal wins The Rip Curl Serie Peniche with Perfect conditions

· 17th - Patrick Beven wins at La vendee

· 14th - Joel Parkinson Wins Rip Curl Pro

· 10th - Justin Mujica wins the Goanna Pro 2004


· 5th - Neco Padaratz Wins Salomon Masters

· 5th - Robertson Wins Second Consecutive Surf Dive 'N' Ski Trials




· 29th - Slater breaks board and fends off horde to win Energy Australia Open

· 29th - Australia's Premiere WQS Event Underway

· 29th - LOST nominated for the SIMA Image awards

· 25th - The RIp Curl Pro at Bells Beach

· 23th - Anticipation Builds For Australia's Biggest WQS Event

· 22th - SNICKERS Biggest Ever Sydney Beach Crowd

· 15th - SNICKERSâ Australian Surfing Open Brings World Class Surfing Back to Sydney

· 12th - Lowe Defeats Irons To Win The Quiksilver Pro Final at Snapper.

· 11th - Brazilian Jacqueline Silva Wins Event

· 2nd - Rip Curl Usa makes new Marketing appointments

· 2nd - New Jaws Entries Juice Up Billabong XXL Awards

· 1st - Quiksilver In Memory of Eddie Aikau



· 29th - Billabong PRO-Teen Series Avoca Beach

· 24th - The Quiksilver Pro, Gold Coast
· 24th - Roxy Pro Events
· 23th - Asp Awards banquet
· 22th - James Wood and Rebecca Woods Win Billabong PRO-Teen Series at Avoca
· 22th - Hansen’s Energy Pro finished with huge waves
· 19th - New management for Lost in France
· 18th - O’neill signs long-term U.S. Open of surfing sponshorship agreement
· 18th - Roxy Pro presented by Boost Mobile (March 2-15)
· 16th - Brazilian Jihad Kohdr got first in the reef Classic
· 16th - Billabong pro Teen Series 2004
· 10th - Upgraded Hansen´s Energy Pro returns to Pipeline
· 08th - Brazilian domination at Fernando de Noronha (PE) is ended by Warwick Wright


· 10th - Billabong renews contract with team-surfer Tiago Pires
· 08th - O’Neill Europe Takes the WQS Tour To The Prime Time
· 03th - New Women´s Surf & Bodyboard magazine in Portugal
· 14th - Welsh Team claim 5th place at Canarias Eurosurf 2003






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