Straight From The Pros: Frederico Morais Cracks the ASP Top100 !

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CAPBRETON, France (Monday, September 2, 2013) – Portuguese rising talent Frederico Morais, recent runner-up of the ASP 5-Star Soöruz Lacanau Pro, just cracked the prestigious ASP Top100 giving him access to the coveted Prime events. His first event will be the SATA Airlines Azores Pro starting tomorrow, for which he was awarded a wildcard. Antonio Nielsen, portuguese surf journalist just caught up with Morais after his successful Lacanau event and shares his story below.

Was the final at the 5 star WQS (Sooruz Lacanau Pro) your best result ever?
I can say without any doubt it was the best result of my life. Not only because of the result by itself but it was my best contests in terms of consistency and I felt like I surfed well in every heat. There are several results that I’m proud and they all mean a lot to me but in this contest I was feeling really good and felt that all my hard work in the last few years finally paid off.

How did it feel to be so close to the biggest win of your life?
It was good and bad at the same time. It felt like the win was taken away from me and it was a bit frustrating. I knew it was going to be a hard heat, especially in those conditions. I need to keep working and find more opportunities to win!

Did you score above what is usually your average in this contest?
I think I did but it was a result of the work I’ve been doing, I wasn’t more “inspired” then usual. I’ve been working hard with and the results are starting to show. I think I’ve been quite consistent lately and I’ve managed to be more focused than usual. Thanks to Richard Marsh who has been helping me a lot!

Did the conditions suit your surfing?
Not really, I’m one of the heavier guys on tour so bigger waves with more power suit me a lot more. My type of surfing is based on power and rail surfing so bigger waves are better for me than small waves. But I’ve been working hard on my surfing in smaller waves and on my quiver so I can be ready for the small waves of the European summer.

What does this result mean to you right now?
It was very decisive for me, it gave me a lot more confidence in myself and strength to start this challenge, the WQS. It proves that anything is possible with some persistence, hard work, dedication and will to win.

It’s not the first time that both you and Vasco Ribeiro do well in a big event, does it motivate you to have another Portuguese surfer getting good results?
That’s true, it’s great, it helps me getting motivated and at the same time it’s good to have company in the contests.

You’ve just made to the top100 of the WQS, was it your goal for this year?
Yes it was, having made it to the top 100 will give me access to the Prime events for the rest of the year and that is great for me. It was definitely a goal of mine and I want to keep climbing the ranking and take advantage of this opportunity. Next year I want to start trying to qualify for the WCT, I know it’s hard but I believe I can do it if I keep working hard.

Final question, where’s the next stop for you?
I’ll be in Portugal for a week and then I’ll be off to the Azores to compete in Sata Airlines Azores Pro. I received and a wildcard for the event so I’ll be there competing with surfers like Tiago Pires!

Frederico Morais is sponsored by Billabong, Moche, Monster Enegry, B.E.S., Nixon, Ericeira Surf Shop, Von Zipper, Polen Surfboards. For more information, check out his profile on ! You can also find him online on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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