ASP Rule Book


We want to remind you that the ASP has a Zero Tolerance Policy for any verbal or physical assaults at or in relation to any ASP Event; to engage in such behaviour, an athlete risks a monetary fine but also immediate disqualification from the event and possible suspension or expulsion from the ASP.


Here is a reminder for surfers cancelling their entry. Please pay attention so you know how to proceed:

1. Before the seedlist is made, 30 days prior to the event, entry fee is refunded 100%

2. Between 30 and 7 days prior to the event start, entry fee is refunded less US$50 if you provide a medical certificate. If no certificate, no refund at all.3. In the last seven days prior to the event, no entry fee refund possible. If you provide a medical certificate, no fine, if you don’t provide a medical certificate, a US$500 fine is applicable.

Any cancelation must go through Sonia Claveranne, [email protected]


Please be aware of the procedures required if you are not able to attend a heat you are entered in.

1. Once the heat draw is made up 48 hours before event start date then notification must be sent to the Tour Manager in the case that you will not surf in your allocated heat.

2. Failure to notify the Tour Manager either by email or telephone that you will not be surfing your heat will result in a ‘No Show’ fine being issued to the offending surfer.

3. First offence fines range from $125 to $1,000 depending on event rating.

4. This applies for all ASP regions in all ASP sanctioned events. The ‘No Show’ rule is being strictly enforced throughout the 2012 season. Refer to Articles 53 and 54 of ASP Rule Book.

You can also Download the Full ASP RuleBook.


ASP Europe has received official notification from the French Fiscal Department regarding surfer’s entry fees into ASP Europe sanctioned events. The findings show that for entry fees into all events held in France VAT (19.6%) will be applicable. For events held outside of France no VAT will be applicable to entry fees. Remember that invoices for all entry fees are available through the on-line member system.


The Under18 Waiver is a mandatory document for all under-18 surfers wishing to compete outside Europe in International Events. The ASP Rulebook states:

Article 41: Membership

41.01 Full Membership:

(a) Any Surfer who competes in any ASP licensed event outside of their country must pay the full touring membership and insurance premium as secured by ASP for that year. Please note European Surfers are covered by their own insurance in EEC countries only.

(b) Full touring membership is limited to people who are 18 years of age or older.

EXCEPTION: Where an application is made to the ASP to consider personal and educational facets of the Surfer, a waiver may be provided. Surfers who are 13 years or younger will not be provided a waiver to compete in ASP Events outside of their Region.

You can download the waiver form and all applications to be sent to Sonia who will forward your request to ASP International.