So your brand wants in on some ASP surf action?

The ASP Europe is one of seven regions of the ASP World Tour. It can take your brand to every surf-savvy corner of the old continent, connecting you with youth-minded markets in a way no other sport can. If independence and innovation are what your brand is all about, then grab a board, let’s hit the water and paddle into the future of surf together.

ASP Europe can offer its partners several levels of sponsorship involvement including localised tour leg and event sponsorships. ASP Europe prides itself on delivering high value for your sponsorship €uro. Our team can work together with your brand to tailor a deal that fits your image and objectives.

Our audience is hungry for fresh brands – brands that are edgier than their competitors. To register your brand’s interest in sponsoring surf and view our latest promos and proposals, please send an email to us at [email protected].