Roberto D’Amico

© alberto maiorano


a.k.a: Roby

d.o.b: 03/01/1993

born: Rome

resides: Ladispoli ( close to Rome )

parents: Umberto and Rosa

siblings: Marco and Elena

significant other : Laura

offspring: non

hobbies: I like to skate

website: Facebook Fan Page

video: YoYouYouth Indo Excerpt


weight: 82

height: 1.80

stance: regular

sponsors: Quiksilver, Fiat Freestyleteam, Oakley, Superbrand

shaper: Nuno Matta

magic stick: 5.11 19 2 5/16

home break: Banzai (s.marinella)

favorite waves: Lakey Peak (Sumbawa)

favorite maneuvers: airs

favorite surfers: Dane Reynolds, Julian Wilson

2012 Sooruz Royan Atlantique Pro Junior: 9th 2012 ASP Europe Junior Rankings: 40th
2010 Italian National Champion: junior and open
WSA midget smith San Clemente: 2nd