Leticia Canales Bilbao


a.k.a: Leti

d.o.b: 02/03/1995

born: Sopelana

resides: Sopelana

parents: Jose / Mercedes

siblings: Victoria & Leticia

significant other: x

offspring: x

hobbies: Hockey Grass, music and being with my friends

url: twinscanales.com


weight: 60kg

height: 1.72

stance: goofy

sponsors: Roxy, Hyunbisa-Hyundai, Styling-Surfboard, Cabobillano.

shaper: Kike Panera

magic stick: 5.08

home break: Sopelana and El Acanti

favorite waves: Mundaka, Bells Beach area

favorite maneuvers: reentry, barrells

favorite surfers: Curtney Conlogue, Stephanie Gilmore

2012 ASP 1* Airwalk Lacanau Pro Junior: 3rd 2012 ASP Europe Junior Rankings: 5th
2012 ASP 1* WAHLRD Pro Junior: 3rd
2012 ASP 1* Billabong Sopelana Pro Junior: 5th
2012 ASP 1* Breti Girls Pro Junior: 5th
2011 ASP 1* Bretignolles Pro Junior : 4th 2011 ASP Europe Junior Rankings: 9th
2011 Eurosurf : 4th
2011 Spanish National Champion
2011 European Gromsearch Ripcurl Champion
2010 Eurojunior : 3th