Yannick De Jager

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a.k.a: the hunter, le chasseur, el cassador ( last name ‘’de Jager’’ is the translation in dutch of the previous mentioned nicknames)


born: Scheveningen, The Netherlands

resides: Scheveningen, The Netherlands

parents: Rien de Jager & Margreet Pielage / de Jager

siblings: x

significant other: x

offspring: x

hobbies: skateboarding, iceskating (only outdoors in the dutch winter), snowboarding, golf, creating, editing.

url: http://www.jagershots.tv //



weight: 64 KG

height: 170 cm

stance: regular

sponsors: Protest, Nixon, Da Kine.

shaper: Not with 1 shaper at the moment, but Bradley has been shaping me some great boards lately

magic stick: 5’9 ½ x 17’7/8 x 2’1/8

home break: Scheveningen

favorite waves: So many fun waves on this planet… contrast is the spice of life.

favorite maneuvers: rail turns, airs, barrels, I like variety and a good line.

favorite surfers: Dane Reynolds, Tom Curren.


2012 ASP 3* Protest Vendee Pro: 13th 2012 ASP Europe Rankings: 48th
2010 ASP 1* Cordoam Buondi Pro: 9th
2008 ASP 1-Star Superbock Pro Cordoama: 5th
National Dutch Champion: 6 times